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Emerald International Corporation is an established supplier, transhipper, and exporter of U.S. metallurgical, thermal, and specialty coals, which are sourced from major U.S. producers. Emerald transports the coal by barge to export ports in the U.S. Gulf. Emerald can offer coal to end-users, or traders, on both FOB and CIF basis. We supply the full range of U.S. coals and exclusively represent a number of U.S. producers. In addition to exports, Emerald can import and distribute non-U.S. coals to end-users within the U.S. e.g. sized, washed anthracites, and low-ash coals, to the Ferro-alloy industry and, in addition, non-U.S. coal for thermal application to the U.S. industrial and utility markets.

Emerald is headquartered in Florence, Kentucky, which is within easy driving distance of the major U.S. coal fields, allowing Emerald to provide on-site, hands-on, supervision of all coal preparation, loading, and shipping. Thereafter, Emerald uses online computerized tracking to monitor rail and barge movements, minimizing logistical delays. Emerald will be happy to assist with your coal inquiry.

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